NEW YORK TIMES     (5/16/99)

Quotes from an op-ed by Owen Harries, Editor of the NATIONAL INTEREST    

    ".......we are experiencing a foreign policy debacle..... an issue that was initially of little geopolitical significance has been elevated into one that threatens to destabilize the whole structure of American foreign policy. Now, three of the most important components of that policy -- NATO, United States-Russian relations, and United States-China relations -- are all in serious jeopardy.

    "Over 50 years, NATO thrived and became the most successful alliance in history by being inactive. ....... Its whole point was to render its own use unnecessary.

    "Prestige and credibility are important in international politics. Properly cultivated and used, they can be an effective substitute for the actual use of force. But in Kosovo they have been dissipated and squandered......its (NATO'S) authority is significantly impaired.  With its ability to overawe diminished, the United States will have to resort to force even more often. The dangers of miscalculation will multiply......

       ".....the cooperation of Russia and China will be essential. Unless co-opted, their potential as troublemakers is huge. But as a result of Kosovo, both those countries have been alienated, the fires of virulent nationalism and anti-Americanism have been stoked, and the political moderates there have been undermined.......

      "As far as Russia is concerned, the Kosovo intervention resulted from the same mind-set that -- in betrayal of earlier promises and of geopolitical sense -- expanded NATO up to the Russian frontier.  Given its internal problems, Russia is going to be a difficult and dangerous presence in the world in any case; in almost every way, recent American foreign policy has made the problem worse.

      "..........intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, in support of the armed liberation movement of an ethnic minority, had to be deeply disturbing to China ........... For those determined to designate China as our next great enemy, this will be good news; for others it will be deeply disturbing."