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   America's stunning victory and the initial welcomes from Iraqis could have changed America's image in the whole Middle East, IF, and that is the big "if", Washington had followed through on Israeli-Palestinian peace. But Bush instead caved in to Sharon's Likud Lobby and the Armageddon Lobby in Congress, the two giants which petrify most Congressmen. Indeed Republican Congressional leader Tom Delay, in visiting Israel, openly declared himself a Likud settler at heart, a "Christian Zionist, as they call themselves.

    "Israel simply ignored or trampled what was the unspoken premise of Oslo, that the process that was to follow would produce a viable Palestinian state.  I think that Arafat and company were extremely poor negotiators not to insist on some explicit undertaking by Israel to stop the settlements....But even without the explicit statement, everybody understood that was the game.  And Israel simply destroyed it." Anthony Lewis, NY Times 12/16/01 (Settlements continued all during Barak's tenure as well, Ed)  See also A Clean Break, the Netanyahu/Neocon plan to end the Oslo process

See also  Israel Issues  for more updates on Israel and Washington

6/05/15  Israel Justice System - When the Judge is Your Enemy Distributed by Foundation for Middle East Peace

02/05/13  Hagel Was Right the First Time: Israel Treats Palestinians Like Caged Animals  Mondoweiss (via Scott McConnell) posts a short clip from the 2003 documentary “Checkpoint” in which Israeli soldiers can be seen describing this fact explicitly. 

4/23/12  Israeli Officer Slams European Resistor  video goes all over world, army being infiltrated by fanatics

12/13/11Newt, Mitt, Bibi and Vladimir  by Thomas Friedman- New York Times-- Republican candidates pandering to Israel --Israel foreign minister praises Russian elections as honest

7/18/10 Netanyahu in 2001 Brags How Its Easy to Move America To Do His Bidding on His Plans to Undermine Oslo Peace Accords--long report in Harretz

7/18/10  Netanyahu Admits On Video Deceiving Washington As His Ways To Undermine Oslo Agreement-- by attacking Palestinians to make war continue

9/16/09  Israeli Peace Groups Target Tax Free Giving by Americans To Support Illegal Settlements  urging Palestinians to sue donors in U.S. courts for supporting terrorism

7/02/09  Israeli Brutality Reported on Gaza  Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch on massive destruction and killing of civilians

6/14/09  Settlement Facts -- History and Israeli Government Commitments   by former U.S. Ambassador to Israel-- rebutting Krauthamer and neocon/Fox TV lies, distortions and propaganda for settlers

6/09/09  Pollsters Find Israeli Public Less Supportive of Settlements (The Forward, 6/12/09) a majority of Israelis — almost two-thirds — consider the settlements a liability rather than an asset.

5/29/09  Misery Still Hangs Over Gaza  -- Despite pledges of aid

3/26/09  Israeli Settler Forged Ottoman Land Deeds  Turks let Palestinians research records after Israeli attack on Gaza --Israelis trying to expel hundred of Palestinian families from their homes

3/20/09   Israeli Soldiers Report on Murder of Gaza Civilians  Foreign Journalists kept out of Gaza during Israeli invasion     Haaretz Soldier's T-shirt Picture of Pregnant Arab--caption "One shot kills Two"

1/28/09     60 Minutes CBS Video Showing Settlers' Abuses of Arabs on West Bank rare filming by a major network of brutalities against Arabs --60 Minutes program has been fair for years

12/29/08  More Journalists Dare to Challenge Israel (Likud) Lobby Joe Klein in TIME, Glen Greenwald at SALON.COM etc.  J Street give courage, clout and disperses message

12/28/08  Israel's Surprise Bombing Massacres in Gaza --47 police cadets lined up in graduation ceremony killed, hundreds of civilians--effort to wreck civilians government infrastructure

10/05/08  Israeli General Commander West Bank Forces  blames settlers for brutalities & attacks against Palestinian villages, says they also threaten and intimidate Israeli occupation army if soldiers try to stop beatings and shootings of Palestinians

9/19/08  US plans to sell Israel 1,000 bunker-buster bombs  $77 million-- think of the money (always) profits from war--claimed as needed for next attack on guerrillas in Lebanon

9/12/08  Israeli settlers seizing large amounts of Palestinian lands near settlements, blocking farmers from their crops, beating up Palestinian civilians

4/28/08  Jimmy Carter on Negotiating With Enemies  on negotiating with Hamas, grounds for Mid-East peace possibilities. NY Times

3/28/08  Turkish Hospitals Accept Wounded Palestinian Children  --60 seriously injured Palestinians arrive in Istanbul for medical treatment - Islamic solidarity with Palestinians not usually reported by U.S. media

4/20/07  Excellent analysis of why the attack on Iraq -- ousting of Saddam as a means to transform the balance of power in the Middle East in such a way that Israel could ignore pressure to trade land for peace with the Palestinians or Syria.

3/25/07   Lunch with Tony Judt   FINANCIAL TIMES  "We are now passing through a period of America's simultaneous withdrawal and resentment at the world."

3/13/07   Cheney Gets Thin Welcome at AIPAC  thin applause, limited support for war agenda

3/09/07   Israeli soldiers used children as 'human shields'  Christian Science Monitor -- not the first report--common brutality of settlers and Army

2/27/07  Among Religious Groups, Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose War  77% of Jews agree "US made Mistake in Invading Iraq"   For more details see FORWARD newspaper analysis

2/17/07  Israeli Lobby Under Pressure -- more questioning by other Jews of minority who push Likud settler agenda

2/5/07   Main Anti-War Group Plans Demonstration  against Israeli Policies

2/1/07   Israel Strangles Palestinian Economy by Withholding Tax Receipts  throttles economy and leaves Palestinians almost starving

12/27/06  Early Zionism During World War 11  ""   Palestine Chronicle - Mazin Qumsiyeh Holocaust Deniers and the Iraq Study Group

12/09/06   "I'm Ashamed To Be Israel's Friend," Mario Vargas Llosa criticizes Israeli killing and destruction in Gaza

11/23/06   How Bush Could Start Settling the Whole Middle East  NEWSWEEK column-- start settling Palestine problem

11/21/06  Large Tracts of Israeli Settlements Built on Arabs' Private Lands  Peace Now  reveals occupation authority data and New York Times report

11/20/06  Israeli (Likud) Lobby Takes Over Latino TV   UNIVISION, largest Hispanic TV network, taken over by private equity (Likudnik) firm.  Object to eliminate pro-Arab views, promote Likud objectives, e.g. attacking Iran.

11/11/06  US Vetoes Condemnation of Israel for Killing Gaza Civilians

10/09/06  Anti-Zionist Jews Prevented from Speaking by Zionist Lobby  Two major American Jewish organizations helped block a prominent New York University historian from speaking at the Polish consulate here last week, saying the academic was too critical of Israel and American Jewry.   The historian, Tony Judt, is Jewish and directs New York University's Remarque Institute.......

9/5/06   In Pro-Israel Circles, Doubts Grow Over US Policy   loss of any role as promoter of peace and control of Washington by neo-cons weakens U.S.

9/04/06  Israel Begins New Settlements Construction

9/03/06  "Errors in the War on Terror" by George Soros -- on Israel, Lebanon, and Palestinians

7/31/06   AIPAC Still Rules  House total support for Israel invasion of Lebanon, removes from Senate version  condition urging "all sides to protect innocent civilian life and infrastructure,"

7/28/06    "Pander and Run"  by Peter Beinart --Democrats pander to Israeli lobby over Iraq -- little hope for sensible policies

7/22/06  Sunni-Shiite Split on Hezbollah leaders hate each other more than Israel or America, but common Arab "street" admires Hezbollah, only militants ever to defeat Israelis

7/17/06  Amazingly, Pentagon Imposes Loyalty test on Some American Jews  with families or money connections to Israel, security clearances removed

4/1/06    Vital Study Questions Israeli Lobby Control over U.S. Foreign Policy  Univ. of Chicago & Harvard's Kennedy School of Government leaders- very unusual to dare to do so  Wash Post publishes commentaries  and more ----many American Jews opposed to war & empire  Iran Showdown Tests Power of Israeli Lobby  earlier succeeded in scuttling direct negotiations with Iran  No, It's Not Anti-Semitic by Richard Cohen -- how the smears ard done

3/25/06  Abramoff & Likud Connection

3/22/06   Vital Study Questions Israeli Lobby Control over U.S. Foreign Policy  Univ. of Chicago & Harvard's Kennedy School of Government leaders- very unusual to dare to do so  Wash Post publishes commentaries  and more ----so many American Jews opposed to war & empire

3/9/06   AIPAC Cheers Cheney  Likudnik organization still dominant in Washington

2/6/06   Why Hamas Won and what U.S. should do

1/08/06   Axis of Fanatics – Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad  feeding off each other

12/05/05  new10.gif (281 bytes)  Israel and Armageddon colorful site including "Sampson Option"

11/30/05   Storm Clouds Ahead -- Problems with American Support for Israel -- particularly on college campuses

8/05/05  A Typical Report on Israeli Destruction of Palestinian Livelihoods   Barely reported in America, but known all over the Muslim world --all paid for by America

7/12/05  Anti-terror War Depends upon Solving Palestine says Tony Blair

7/11/05  Israeli Barrier in Jerusalem Will Cut Off 55,000 Arabs in Jerusalem from jobs, schools, friends

7/6/05  Mideast divestment movement picks up steam  -- United Church of Christ votes to use 'economic leverage' to promote peace between Israel and Palestinians

5/25/05  Israel sensing shifts in U.S. relationship  Washington finally affected by isolation from world

5/5/05  Restrictions in Congress on Aid to Palestinians much to pay Israelis to make check points more humane -- other money goes to Isrealis

4/18/05  Jerusalem Christians Get Walled Off  Israelis blame it on Arabs --tell Congressman Hyde they will be "compensated", Novak column

3/22/05  Toward a Sensible Israel Policy   by "Anonymous" author Scheuer

120,000 Israelis Demonstrate Against Sharon-Likud

3/10/05  Israel Admits to Funding Illegal Settlements Gov. violates own laws and international law

2/20/05  Europe's Jews Seek Solace on the Right  -- moving away from tradional Leftist Parties to Rightist ones

2/20/05  How Israel Is Once Again Redefining the Terms of Peace   supposedly 'successful' Sharm el-Sheikh summit in Egypt on February 8 was anything but a triumph, as far as Palestinians

1/30/05  Europeans See Israel as Greatest Threat to World Peace Many equate treatment of Palestinians to that of Nazis towards Jews -- Euros see U.S. as second greatest threat to world peace

1/24/05  Israeli Government Secretly Approves Plan to Seize Palestinian lands  -- builds wall to prevent Palestinian access to own lands, than declares land abandoned and available for seizure

Traditional Jews Appalled by Connection to Zionism --full page ads

12/7/04   Zionists Threaten Presbyterian Church  for urging South Africa type disvestiture of stocks of companies benefitting from West Bank war/occupation

11/04    Excellent Essay on rise of religious fundamentalism & fanatacism  what would Jefferson do? --several books reviewed also on Jewish situation today in the world--by Robert Kuttner

11/29/04  Brutality at Checkpoints Furthers Hatred of Israel  in whole Muslim world

11/10/04  Israel Questioned Attack on Iraq   little benefit, bogging down U.S., causing Americans to question war and Mideast policies, saw Iran as main threat

10/20/04  Israeli Demolitions Deemed Excessive  Hundreds of homes in Gaza, thousands homeless

10/08/04  Unending Arab War with America Unless Resolution of Palestine  Charley Reese

10/07/04  Sharon Aide Says Goal of Gaza Withdrawal Plan Was to Kill Roadmap  and that Washington agreed

9/06/04   Israeli Supreme Court Calls for End to Using Palestinians as Human Shields

8/30/04   Slander of George Soros by Republicans & Likud Operatives after he argued that Sharon policies (supported by George Bush) mainly responsible for new anti-Semitism around the world.

8/04/04   50,000 Russian Jews Return to Russia from Israel  --more opportunity, better life in Russia

8/03/04  Israelis concerned About Growing Corruption  influence of money in campaigns too, especially from abroad

7/25/04  New Israeli Settlements Expanding Rapidly  including in Gaza

7/13/04   UN to Rebuild Homes of Palestinians Destroyed by Israel --Saudi and Kuwaiti money --"In late May, Israeli Justice Minister Yosef Lapid, a Holocaust survivor, compared the demolition of Palestinian homes to Nazi atrocities against the Jews during the second world war's Final Solution. "I saw on television an old woman picking through the rubble of her house in Rafah, looking for her medicine, and she reminded me of my grandmother who was expelled from her home during the Holocaust," he was quoted as saying

7/11/04  Israel's Convoluted Internal Politics  very good analysis of religious parties strengths and what they care about--settler parties-- old socialist Zionists -- new secular immigrants, etc, etc

7/09/04  "Tear Down That Wall"  World Court Judges Israel Violations of Geneva Convention, etc, etc.

7/06/04  American Jews Divided About Israel

7/01/04  Secrets Of Unit 1391---Uncovering an Israeli jail that specializes in nightmares -NEWSWEEK

6/30/04  Michael Moore Ignores Israel Influence and Power  Movie Fahrenheit 9/11

6/24/04  Former Israeli Soldiers Tell of Harassment and Torture of Palestinians

6/23/04  Little Squeaks from U.S. Criticize Settlements BBC --U.S. Ambassador's Rare Criticism NYT

6/21/04  Israel Investing in Kurdish Forces  Barak warned U.S. the occupation would fail

6/16/04  Saudi Rulers Blame Israel for Terrorist Events Against Foreigners 

6/15/04  Israel Extending Wall Even Deeper into West Bank  all paid for by American taxpayers

6/11/04  Homeless in Gaza - Israeli Atrocities Continue interesting links, history, etc.

5/26/04  Bush Kerry Agree on Kissing Sharon -- Gen. Zinni "Sove Mide East Peace Process and you'd be surprised at what other problems work themselves out."

5/25/04  Christian Groups Say Ties with Israel "worst" Ever  but Evangelicals Glorify Sharon and help send billions of dollars from U.S. government

5/23/04  Israelis Wantonly Destroy only zoo for kids in Gaza

5/23/04  Key Israeli Condemns Offensive In Gaza
Deputy Premier Says Images Evoke Holocaust Memories

5/22/04  Destruction in Gaza Stuns Residents  1200 houses, 11,000 homeless from Israel's (American paid for) Bulldozers

5/18/04  Forgotten Christians in Palestine

5/10/04  Israel Quietly Helps U.S. in Iraq   Also Search Google for more info Israelis Training Americans in Iraq

4/30/04  50 U.S. Ambassadors' Joint Letter to Bush on putting Americans in danger all over Muslim world

3/08/04  De Borchgrave on Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

3/08/04 Israel Refuses to Return Enriched Uranium Received from U.S.  Haaretz

2/20/04   Award Winning Cartoon Riles Likudniks Sharon Creating New anti-Semitism in Europe--MP compares Gaza to Warsaw

2/15/04   Award Winning Cartoon Riles Likudniks Sharon Creating New anti-Semitism in Europe

12/12/03  More Israelis Question Occupation and Want Peace  long term looks bleak

12/11/03  Unexpected Consequence of Iraq War --Pressure on Israel to Get Out of Occupied Lands

11/19  Attendees at American Zionist & Christian Zionist Conference in Jerusalem ---By Helen Freedman, Executive Director, Americans For a Safe Israel   What a privilege it was to be at the First Annual Jerusalem Summit held at the King David Hotel on the first days of Sukkot, Oct. 12-14. The focus of the Summit was BUILDING PEACE ON TRUTH, and the organizers, led by the Michael Cherney Foundation, had brought together many of the most distinguished writers, thinkers, politicians, professors, statesmen and activists in order to arrive at a consensus on uncovering the thousands of lies that had permeated the Israeli/Arab conflict. The treacherous Oslo accord, followed by the Road Map, had allowed Arab terrorism to grow into a militant Islamic threat menacing the entire world.Speakers at the Summit, who had traveled from all over the world, included U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel; Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes; Hon. Richard Perle, Resident Fellow at American Enterprise Institute and Member of the Defense Policy Board; Morrie Amitay, Vice-Chairman, JINSA; Clarence Wagner, International Director of Bridges for Peace; Michael D. Evans, minister and founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team; Herbert Zweibon, Chairman Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI; Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, American Center for Democracy; Morton Klein, President, ZOA; Prof. Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum; John Batchelor, ABC Radio; John Loftus, author; Frank Gaffney, Pres. Center for Security Policy; Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist, Fox News Host; and representatives from Sweden, the European Union Parliament, India, Paris, Slovenia, and Serbia.

11/12  More Israelis Want Peace --Sharonits Losing Majorities as Israelis Tire of Unending War --compromise may be possible    Israeli Pilots who won't bomb civilians      Israeli Chief of Staff Says Sharon policies only breed hatred & more resistance,  prevent peace

11/03  Harretz editor wrote in the Washington Post how most Israelis want peace, not settlements.  He urged Washington to support peace and recognize the “legitimate rights of the Palestinians.”   See

11/03   Israel Destroys Water Wells and Sewage Built by U.S. in Gaza --Washington complains (quietly)

10/28   Abbas About Talks with Bush -- "God Told me to Strike Al Qaida"

10/27   "Israel" Bombs Residential Buildings, Thousands Forced to Evacuate

10/17  "Arabs Should Learn from Jews," says Malaysian President Mahathir  use brains and education to survive instead of making hopeless wars

10/15   Last Jews Leaving Baghdad     Iraqis see them as Sharon agents

9/12  Google Search for Mossad in Iraq     What are they doing there? Is Chaos in Iraq helpful to Sharon?  Iranians say Israel planned Mosque bombing--spread message in Muslim world

9/09/04   Dean Calls for Even Handed Policy with Israel to resolve Mid-East conflicts --only Dem not dependent on Israeli lobby

9/7  Ditch the Roadmap-- Go Right There--Only Solution

9/6   Likud Expands Settlements Again Violating Road Map  and BBC Report on Settlers

8/12   The Israeli Wall pictures- plans- wall cuts off 60% of Palestinian lands- cutting Palestinian farmers off from towns  NY TIMES on Wall taking more lands

8/12  80% of U.S. Jews Support Roadmap but Congress terrorized by AIPAC Likud Lobby (& Armageddonites)

7/31 "Ich bin ein Likud Settler" says Tom Delay -- blames it all on Palestinians

7/1   Israeli Army Leaves Ruins in Gaza   uprooted orange groves, bulldozed factories, more human misery

6/28   Israel’s lethal weapon of choice    Assassinations bring concerns to many Israelis

6/1      Sharon Laments "Occupation"        Significance of word's Meaning

5/29     Israeli military put on the spot over abuses

4/18    White House Pressuring Israel to limit Settlements

4/14   Moslems Save Baghdad's Jewish Community Center from Looters

3/27   Rachel's Last E-mails        Rachel Corrie and Home Demolitions by Israelis 

4/1    Israeli Lobby Tries to be Discreet   in backing war  but not AIPAC --half of Senate goes to Israel First dinner

3/11   Is It (War) Good for the Jews? Bill Keller NY TIMES         Congressman triggers news reports on Jewish support for war with Iraq

2/9/03  Bush and Sharon Nearly Identical On Mideast Policy     WASH. POST

1/09/03    Sharon Corruption --money from foreign Jews to promote and pay for settlements, help LIKUD win elections --millions  & Sharon's War by Robert Novak

1/9/02   It's the Occupation, Stupid   Why the Pro-Occupation Right is Running Scare- COUNTERPUNCH   

1/06/03   Israel's Nuclear and Chemical Weapons also used chem. weapons in past

12/18  Israel Aid costs Breakdown   by Charley Reese  

--        How AIPAC Rules Washington    AMERICAN PROSPECT

11/16  A Typical Israeli Seizure of Palestinain Lands

11/02  Thank God for Israeli Press  where real freedom reigns by Robert Fisk

10/28  Totals of aid to Israel   $1.6 Trillion  ----Christian Science Monitor

10/3   Manufacturing Anti-Semites ----excerpt ---"The practical upshot: not only does Israel not protect the Jews from anti-Semitism, but quite on the contrary - Israel manufactures and exports the anti-Semitism that threatens Jews around the world.

For many years, Israel enjoyed the sympathy of most people. It was seen as the state of the holocaust survivors, a small and courageous country defending itself against the repeated assaults of murderous Arabs. Slowly, this image has been replaced by another: a cruel, brutal and colonizing state, oppressing a small and helpless people. The persecuted has become the persecutor, David has turned onto Goliath..........

10/3  Likud Party Platform  for Palestinian Bantustans

100 Nations Demand Israel Stop "Grave Breaches" of Geneva Convention -- in occupied Palestine

7/26   Most Settlers would withdraw if asked or subsidies stopped --68%

7/23   Did Israeli Settlers "Set Up" Palestinians with Guns to Create Useless Resistance strange that they had no REG's (rocket propelled grenadea)

Catastrophe of U.S. Inaction  --Wash. Post. "each period Palestinian restraint greeted with Israeli assassinations, home demolitions or (new) incursions.."

7/23  Most Israelis want to abandon settlements 63% favor unilateral withdrawal

7/22   Sharon Rushing New Settlements --Washington Post

7/14  More American Jews moving to Israel --fearing backlash from 9/11  American Students now only 35% to 25% pro-Israel --but in Northeastern colleges 38% favor Palestinians to 23% for Israel

7/7    Christian Emigration from Palestine

7/4    Mideast needs new mediator   by Jimmy Carter

7/3    What's Wrong with Arab World --the intellectual and economic dessert caused by dictatorships, repression.  NY TIMES  Tom Friedman

6/27   What's Wrong with Israeli Democracy too--not just Palestinian

6/27   Israel Pac Contrbutions

6/26   How Israel helped HAMAS get started --wanted as counter to PLO

6/20   Israel--One of the Most Socialist States on Earth

6/12     Misery in Gaza  --all to "protect" 5,000 American settlers

6/09     Evangelicals for Israel --"Christian AIPAC" formed by Ralph Reed --NY Times

5/27   Distorting U.S. Foreign Policy:   The Israel Lobby land American Power --Eye-opening report from England PROSPECT magazine--just out

5/23   Israel Blockades Each Palestinian Area with Limited travel & goods transfer  Int. Herald Tribune

5/15   Is U.S. Responsible for Israel Policies  by Georgie Anne Geyer (Chicago Tribune op-ed)

5/14  Polling--41% sympathize with Israel, American view of Israel, Palestine State, and Mid-East

5/13  A Congressional Staffer Details Israel's Stranglehold on Congress

5/11  Why I Refuse to Fight for Sharon's Settlements  by Israeli officer--Wash.Post

5/4  Congress Vote for Israel --White House got mention of humanitarian aid for Palestinians    Roll Call Vote won by Israeli Lobby + Armageddon Lobby

4/24 Israeli Army destroys school & civilian records ---WASH. POST editorial

4/24  Palestinian girls School in Gaza prepares for Israeli attack--WASH. POST Style on conditions, desperation

new10.gif (281 bytes) 4/23  Tom DeLay says "Judea and Sumaria" (West Bank) Belongs to Israel --calls for no evacuation of conquered lands

4/18  American Jew in Ramallah helps Palestinians --betrothed to American Palestinian

4/16  Israelis or destroy school children grade records, land and municipal records, payroll records,  put civilian infrastructure in ruin

4/15  Israeli Dairy --How Israelis Suffer  a thoughtful writer

4/10  The Weapons Shipment --Was it a set up??

4/8   Moral Duty, National Interest --NY Times--Zbigniew Brzezinski "nearly unanimous global consensus that United States policy has become one-sided and morally hypocritical"   (needs log in to get NYT articles)

4/9  Settlement Map  & Settlements & International Law

3/22  International Peacekeepers Necessary  Gen. Cordesman NY Times--Sharon a disaster in Lebanon and now West Bank--time for U.S. even handedness

3/20  US and NATO as a Peace Buffer  by Thomas Friedman-NY Times

3/15  Myth of Israel’s ‘generous offer’ damages truth, peace National Catholic Reporter--Another Big Lie--Barak never offered to end settlements, offer left Palestine like a cheeze cake Bantustan with Likud settlements and private highways crisscrossing Arab areas.

3/1  Israel is Losing --2nd strongest Army in the World--Daily Telegraph

2/28  Peace Rabbi Threatened in California --Michael Lerner of TIKKUN

2/19/02  Israeli Generals Defy Sharon --Join Call for end of Settlement

2/18/02  Hell in Gaza   F-16's & Helicopter Gunships Against Stones and Rifles

2/12/02  Israeli Soldiers Declaration against Occupation Killings & Expulsions

1/16/02  Security for Isreal?? End the Occupation  Wash Post publishes Palestinian view (what you'd never see in the Wall "War" Street Journal op-ed)

1/15/02  Israeli Government Lies About new Settlements in Gaza  Haaretz, Israel's largest newspaper --news you won't read or hear in Conservative Media

1/7/02  Soothing Israel's Fears  NY Times - Passive Resistance as the way for Palestinians to reach land and peace

Israel's Assassination Policy Not Effective -Haaretz Report-Creates new, more effective terrorism

1/1/02  Israel Supplying India with Advanced Weaponry --may replace Russia as largest

12/18  Israeli Intelligence Ops in America Penetrated by Criminals

12/9  UN Chief Accuses Israel of Terrorizing Palestinians

11/28  Sharon being tried as War Criminal in Belgium --for earlier massacres

11/21  Muslims and Democracy -- Successes in India, Bangladesh, etc. Democracy as the Answer to Terrorism --Anywhere living with freedom    by Thomas Friedman,  NY Times

11/18  Why the War Party May Fail by Pat Buchanan

11/13  Most American Jews support Palestinian state opposed by WarParty

10/30  Rep. McKinney Challenges U.S.  Israel Policies  supported by Jews for Peace in Israel and Palestine

10/28  Anti-Arab Advocates Risk U.S. Interests  Georgie Anne Geyer

10/20  Farrakhan Condemns U.S. Bombing --says 1.5 million dead Iraqis from UN Sanctions

10/20  Scott Ritter on Iraq WMD--details of inspections

10/16  Israel Palestine Conflict Inflames Entire Middle East  Georgie Anne Geyer

10/15  Washington Plans New Radio-VOA expansion, to combat growing hatred of America in Arab world; Senator Helms opposed

10/15  Blair Calls for Palestinian State --to diffuse Anti-West sentiment in Arab World

10/15  Parallel Propaganda ---Sharon and Putin want their enemies to be America's enemies   by Jackson Diehl, WASH. POST

10/12  America Should Support Liberty, not Settlements by Tom Friedman, NY TIMES

10/5   U.S. Jews Split on Palestine Peace --many leaders join Bush/Powell plan

10/5  White House Rebukes Sharon

9/25 Stating the Obvious  by Mickey Kaus in SLATE --a real breakthrough--sensibile dialogue

9/20  Extremists don't Give an Inch by Richard Cohen, WP, "retention, even extension of Israeli settlements (on West Bank), are abominations."

9/15 Facing Reality in Middle East by Richard Cohen, Washington Post  (Also See below for quotes from Arab press about American policies)

9/4  Use NATO to Police/Protect Palestinians--Thomas Friedman NY Times

9/3   Palestinians Are Winning  "But Sharon must be the last Israeli leader to understand that old kibbutz Israel is gone, replaced by a rich, high-tech worldly and mostly secular society that will never accept years of suicide bombing with no hope of a permanent settlement,"  Jackson Diehl, WASHINGTON  POST

8/24  Israeli Hawks at a Dead End --Thomas Friedman NY Times on solutions

10/03 Rabbis ask for Vanunu Release --Israeli who told of Nuclear Weapons 

8/19 U.S. F-16 SpyPlane Over Syria --preparing for more war

8/10  Washington says OK for Israel to use F-16's, helicopters against Palestinians --doesn't violate  Arms Export Control Act, which says US
weapons are sold only for legitimate self-defence.

Conditions of Palestinians' Lives  --described in Ha'aretz (main Israeli Newspaper)--Why They Fight with so Little to Lose   More on Palestinian Conditions and Settler Abuses from Ha'aretz

7/25 Polls in Arab Nations about conflict

8/18  Noam Chomsky Explains Oslo Agreement and Settlements

War Drums Beating --Like World War I --hunger for war --conservatives argue desirable & inevitable  Saudi Crown Prince Warns of War --Israeli settlements are the fuse

Norman Podhoretz & Scott McConnell on Israeli Settlers

8/25 American Jews for Peace

6/25  Nuclear Weapons Proliferation  --Israel and Iran views--Voice of America report

7/18  Clinton Privately Blamed Barak for Collapse of Camp David talks    Israel  had not performed on earlier promises, but then publicly blamed Arafat

         NATO Fears Turkey-Israel alliance

6/7  Cruelty in Moslem Lands --And for the most part unless it happens to involve Saddam  the Americans and British and French, stay Robert Fisk

AMERICAN POLITICS --Bush Elected by Muslim vote - "Natural Conservatives by Grover Norquist.  Also Zionist leader warns that new Latin & Asian immigrants' voting will erode Washington support for Israeli hawks (by Elliot Abrams, Wall Street Journal 3/8/01)

6/1   Mitchell-Rudman (former Senators) Plan for Middle East is Very Good by Scott McConnell

5/30  Isreali Use of American Weapons Against Civilians --rare U.S. criticism, BALTIMORE SUN

5/29  Sharon Isolates Israel from Europe by Eric Margolis

5/24  Isreal's Nuclear Weapons

5/12 Settlements are the Reason for Intifada --by Anthony Lewis, N.Y. TIMES

5/11  Israel-Palestine War Made (and Paid) in Washington --the (daring) Charley Reese

4/23 How American Big Media Lies and Covers-up Middle East News --Chicago Tribune op-ed

Major Weapons Transfers to Israel since 1993  Federation of American Scientists

Bias & Fear Tilt Middle East Coverage by Norman Solomon

Growing Hatred of America in the Arab and Moslem Worlds

Total U.S. Government Aid to Israel  $91 Billion +

The Oslo Agreement what it was and where it was broken, by Thomas Friedman NY TIMES

Shooting the 12 year old boy--Who did it?  Explaining Israeli Views, Pictures that inflamed the Arab world, Mohammd Aldura.

European Union offers Palestinians Loans to Compensate for Israeli Blockade

America's whole Mid-East strategic position is unwinding as Arab rulers fear showing any cooperation with Washington.   Palestinian teenagers stoning tanks show nightly on new satellite TV's, inflaming whole Moslem world.   For good analysis see also

Jimmy Carter on Solving Palestinian Problem--Wash. Post

Ron Paul on America's War in the Middle East

Counterpunch--Cockburn on torture and snipers + links for information

Ha'aretz on Compromise Most Isrealis Want Peace (but not the settlers and America's  One finds more truth and understanding in Israeli press than American one.  See Media Distortions for criticism of U.S. coverage.

Anti-Zionist Jewish Rabbis --views rarely published in America--Israel could be a peaceful sectarian state

Skandinavian Compromise Proposals

Catholics and Christians in Palestine

Amnesty International Criticizes Israeli Police Tactics  Yahoo News

Stones vs. Guns & Settlers --Analysis by William Rasberry & Tikkun

Robert Fisk in Gaza --Independent Report

Sobran on Cole and America's Enemies

Arab Dictators Washington Likes

Understanding Turkey and Kurds  Washington Post

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The Unsettling Truth About Those Israeli Settlements --Los Angeles times, June 22, 2001
The "historic offer" is a bizarre deception.


     CIA Chief George Tenet has brokered a fragile cease-fire that may bring temporary calm to the Middle East. But, as the recently released Mitchell Commission report made clear, "a cessation of Palestinian-Israeli violence will be politically hard to sustain unless the government of Israel freezes all settlement activity ... including 'natural growth' of existing settlements."
     It was, therefore, not surprising to find Israeli press reports last week claiming that Israel was close to reaching a "historic agreement" with the U.S. regarding such a settlement freeze.
     What was disturbing, however, was the reported content of this "freeze." According to press accounts, this so-called agreement provides that: Only construction beyond current built-up areas will be frozen; no new settlements will be created; no additional land will be expropriated for the purpose of construction. Exceptions will be allowed for new roads and "natural growth" within existing settlements.
     The reality is that this is no freeze at all. This "historic agreement" is nothing more than a repetition of past Israeli commitments that have been more often breached than observed.
     To even be discussing a settlement freeze in 2001 is bizarre. In fact, it was about a decade ago that Secretary of State James Baker achieved his own historic compromise. In an effort to build confidence and coax Arabs and Israelis toward peace, Baker convinced Arab governments to suspend a key component of their economic boycott of Israel in exchange for Israel's agreement to a settlement freeze.
     Since that time, Israel's settlement presence in the occupied territories has doubled. While the Israelis continue to claim that they have not built new settlements and have only allowed for natural growth of existing settlements, their claims are patently false. Today, what Israel calls "Greater Jerusalem" is virtually surrounded by a "Great Wall" of new settlements, which Israel claims are mere "extensions" of existing neighborhoods. These settlements spread from hill to hill, ringing the city. Eighteen Palestinian villages have been trapped within these Israeli compounds and strangled. And while the Israelis continue to claim that they will not confiscate "new land" on which to build these extensions, this too is an artful fabrication. Large areas of Palestinian land surrounding settlements have already been seized by Israel and are defined as "state" lands.
     As damaging as this cancerous growth of settlements has been to the Palestinians, the dramatic expansion of the network of "Jewish only" security roads--in reality, superhighways connecting the settlements to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv--has been even worse. Large swatches of Palestinian land have been confiscated and declared off-limits to create these roads. Their impact has been to cut the occupied territories into pieces.
     All of this has been in direct fulfillment of the original Likud plan for the occupied territories first defined in an October 1978 World Zionist Organization's "White Paper." The paper lays out a detailed plan to construct "settlements and roads around the settlements of the minorities [i.e. the Palestinians], but also in between them," so that the West Bank would never again form a contiguous land mass.
     All of this was opposed by successive U.S. presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton. Whether decrying the settlements as "illegal," "obstacles to peace," "unhelpful unilateral act," "provocative" or "impediments," opposition was clear, but no forceful or definitive action was taken to halt in their growth.
     In violation of international law, 400,000 Israelis have been allowed to move into settlements that now carve the West Bank and Gaza into pieces. More than that, tens of thousands of these settlers are a hostile and dangerous vigilante presence, armed not only with weapons but an uncompromising theologically based ideology of entitlement and conquest.
     Many Israelis understand the dangers posed by this situation. They know that despite the rhetoric of a new "freeze," the intent of the government remains the same.
     As Yossi Sarid, a leader of the Meretz Party, noted: "When you build new settlements or expand existing settlements, it means that you want to persist with the occupation and deepen it."
     So excuse me if I remain unconvinced by this latest "settlement freeze," full, as it is, of loopholes and exceptions.
     This so-called "historic agreement" in the works is a dramatic step back from the Mitchell report's recommendation and, as such, an accommodation to Israel's intent to continue and deepen its presence in the occupied territories.
     It is a deception that undercuts the very peacemaking efforts that U.S. policymakers are working hard to promote. - - -
James J. Zogby Is President of the Arab American Institute in Washington


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Quotes from Arab Press about America from a pro-Israeli source



Inquiry and Analysis
September 16, 2001
No. 71

Anti-American Statements in the Arabic Media

Anti-American statements are a common component of the
Egyptian media, including in the weeks and days prior to
September 11, 2001.  Following are excerpts of such

The US, Enemy of the Arabs
Columnist Mahmoud Abd Al-Mun'im Murad of the Egyptian
government-sponsored daily, Al-Akhbar, [a former member of
the Egyptian peace movement] six months ago faced off with
the American media and government. On the eve of Mubarak's
annual visit to Washington, Murad stated that US Secretary
of State Colin Powell "has the brain of a bird,"(1) and
called him "stupid" and "a liar." This, along with racist
articles written about Powell in Al-Akhbar, sparked a
strong reaction in the American media, forcing President
Mubarak to apologize to Powell. Chastened, Murad wrote an
article about the strategic importance of US-Egyptian
relations, but then abstained from dealing with the
subject.  In August 2001, Murad decided that the time had
come to renew his attack on the American government:

"The conflict that we call the Arab-Israeli conflict is, in
truth, an Arab conflict with Western, and particularly
American, colonialism," he wrote. "The US treats the
[Arabs] as it treated the slaves inside the American
continent. To this end, it is helped by the smaller enemy,
and I mean Israel."(2) "The issue no longer concerns the
Israeli-Arab conflict. The real issue is the Arab-American
conflict - Arabs must understand that the US is not 'the
American friend' - and its task, past, present, and future,
is [to impose] hegemony on the world, primarily on the
Middle East and the Arab world..."(3)

In another article, Murad stated, "The Statue of Liberty,
in New York Harbor, must be destroyed because of following
the idiotic American policy that goes from disgrace to
disgrace in the swamp of bias and blind fanaticism." He
further announced that "the age of the American collapse
has begun."

"The time has come for us, officially and on the popular
level, to take a clear position about the Americans," he
explained. "Bush Jr. will realize that he is squandering
many American interests with his overt bias towards the
Israeli aggressors... If the US thinks that with its
policy, it is actualizing American interests within and
without the US, it will very quickly discover that the
price of this bias is extremely high... The US, including
the American people and the Israeli people, has rightly
become Enemy No. 1 of the nations."(4)

In yet another article, Murad wrote, "There is no doubt
that we all believe that if American interests in our
region were subject to real threat and damage, the US would
not hesitate to adopt a suitable position to remove the
danger to its interests... I wish we could convince the US
that its bias in favor of Israel will cause it damage..."(5)

Columnist Galal 'Aref, of the Egyptian weekly, Akhbar
Al-Youm, joined in, stating that "...The US - in its great
idiocy - hopes that the American interests in the region
will continue to exist securely... but it ignores the
historical facts: cruelty always comes back on its
perpetrators; thus, though [Arab] idleness may continue for
a long time, it has its limit."(6) Following Durban, he
wrote, "The US does not understand that it alone will pay
the high price for its fall [at Durban]."(7)

Bassiuny Al-Hilwani, a columnist for Al-Azhar magazine,
'Aqidati, called on Arabs to develop deterrent capability
towards Israel and the US: "Every day, George Bush reveals
the hatred towards all the Arabs and Muslims that he
inherited from his father... George W. Bush's hatred for
Arabs and Muslims equals that of Sharon... Will Arabs and
Muslims realize this fact and treat the Americans as they
should be treated, or will they continue to enjoy the life
of humiliation and weakness that they brought upon
themselves when they transferred the handling of their
affairs to the Americans...? Alone, the Arabs, if they take
a united stand, are capable of deterring Israel and anyone
supporting its aggression and arrogance. Will the Arabs and
the Muslims try this, even once? I hope so."(8)

Personal Attacks on Bush
Some columnists made personal attacks on the American
president. In an article entitled   "Oh, No, Mr. Bush,"
editor of the government-sponsored daily, Al-Akhbar, Galal
Dweidar, wrote about Bush's "provocative" statement that
Washington could not intervene in the Middle East more than
it already had. "In response to this nonsense," Dweidar
wrote, "I say to you, Oh Mr. Bush, that you alone are
responsible for the feeble image of the US, whose name
smacks of lack of credibility and lack of transparency and
has become a synonym for oppression and for abnegation of
justice and international legitimacy... The US was founded
250 years ago on [the principles] of freedom, justice, and
equality, and has now become [a country] supporting the
ruin of these principles."(9)

President Bush was attacked even more blatantly in an
editorial in Al-Akhbar: "...President George Bush ... about
whose intelligence a debate is underway in the US - has
come to the conclusion that the best way to make peace in
the Middle East is having Sharon, the shedder of blood..."

"George Bush, who never tires of appearing on television
screens to shed a tear for every Israeli who dies in a
[Palestinian] martyrdom operation - [an operation] that is
fundamentally a legitimate act of resistance... - directs
no criticism towards [Israel's] acts of vengeance, its
bombings, or its incursions [into Area A]..."

"... The Arabs must shake off the dust of idleness and take
matters into their own hands… instead of waiting in vain
before the doors of the White House."(10)

"Columnist Kamal Abd Al-Raouf of Akhbar Al-Youm wrote:
"What's happening to America?... Since Little Bush entered
the White House, the US has been acting like a racist state
interested in nothing but Israel and Israel's defense,
regardless of the crimes [Israel] may be committing... Why
should Little Bush [complain] about Israel, as long as all
the Arab funds are deposited in American banks and all
trade in Arab goods is with the US? All the Arab oil flows
to the US and its European allies who hide behind the
American cowboy Bush, who has surpassed all previous
presidents in his love for Israel and his unhesitating and
shameless public submission to it."

"Even Truman, who founded the State of Israel, and Johnson,
who conspired with it against Egypt in the 1967 war, did
not do what this... Bush has done. [Bush] cares for nothing
but gratifying Israel's desires so that the Jewish lobby
will pass his bills in Congress. For the American Jews, who
dislike Bush and did not vote for him... Little Bush
degrades himself before the Zionist lobby and sacrifices
all the Arab and Islamic countries, on the assumption that
the Arabs cannot jeopardize his political future... But the
US and its spoiled offspring Israel will not escape
punishment, as it was with Hitler and Mussolini."(11)

Columnist Ahmad Al-Gundi of Al-Akhbar ridiculed the US
president: "If only the American president, George Bush,
would take the same interest in peace as he does in the
White House pets, the situation in the region might be

"The news agencies have informed us that President Bush
opened a new White House Web site on the Internet... part
of which, on the president's instructions, is devoted to
his two dogs, Spot[ty] and [B]arney, India the cat, and
Ofelia the cow, who are introduced as central personages
considered to have high status by the president and his

"In this regard, several facts must be stressed: First,
President Bush wants to present himself and his children to
the American public as humane, as proven by their interest
in animals. Second, as far as the White House is concerned,
there is no difference between people and dogs, cats, and
cows. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the president, and
all deserve the privileges that go with White House
residence... Third, the president's rapport with animals is
humane... No one can accuse him of racism or discrimination
among American citizens, even if it concerns animals! This
is the apex of American justice and democracy!! Just as he
zealously safeguards human rights, he also zealously
safeguards animal rights..."


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